Leewadee - Comfortable Japanese Floor Mattress - Thai Floor Bed With Triangle Cushion - Futon Mattress - Thai Massage Mat, 67 x 21 inches, Blue, Kapok Filling

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  • Versatile Foldable Mat: This Thai mat serves as a foldable mattress, bed chair, Japanese Floor Chair and futon mattress. Lounge chair for bedroom with folding options for lounging or sitting
  • Trifold Mat with integrated Thai triangle pillow. Ideal for reading, watching TV, gaming, or as a daybed. This floor pillow lounger doubles as a Japanese futon floor mattress or thai massage mat
  • Unique and Stylish: this armless floor sofa adds a touch of style to your space. Use it as cloud chair or japanese floor cushion. It serves as cozy chair for bedroom or daybed with mattress included
  • Traditional Thai cushion : use it as a cozy chair for bedroom or a daybed with mattress included. Also serves as floor couch or floor cushions for adults, ensuring comfort and relaxation
  • Multifunctional Usage: This Thai folding mattress full is best for yoga, meditation and relaxation. It can be used as a floor bed, floor chair, floor mattress, floor futon bed or floor gaming chair

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Hand made from natural materials. Sizes, Shapes and Colors can be slightly different.

Decoration is not included.

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Article Number4250587682472
Material - CoverCotton
LxWxH (cm)170 x 53 x 33
LxWxH (inches)67 x 21 x 13
Length of lying surface, cm140
Length of lying surface, inches55
Mattress thickness, cm8
Mattress thickness, inches3
Mattress (Zabuton), cm170 x 53
Mattress (Zabuton), inches67 x 21
Mattress folded, cm47 x 53 x 51
Mattress folded, inches19 x 21 x 20

Introducing Leewadee's Thai Mat with Triangle Cushion, the ultimate floor futon that will redefine your relaxation experience. This product is thoughtfully designed to function as a floor gaming chair, floor mattress foldable, and a comfortable floor bed, delivering an unmatched blend of comfort and versatility.

This fold-out triangle cushion measures 67 x 21 x 13 inches (WxDxH) when spread out. After use, it can be folded for storage and transportation. The folded floor mat measures 19 x 21 x 20 inches (WxDxH)

The mat boasts of a reclining design, offering different folding options that allow for relaxed lying or sitting. It is perfect as a floor chair, floor mattress, foldable mattress and futon mattress. Its unique design includes a headrest that can be used as a support while reading, watching TV, gaming, or when folded up, it serves as an extended backrest for daybed, yoga, or meditation.

The Leewadee Thai Mat is firmly plumped, ensuring it remains comfortable over time. It is ideal as a floor pillow lounger, Japanese futon floor mattress or bed chair. The cushion can also turn into a cozy chair for your bedroom, a daybed with a mattress included, a floor couch, or floor cushions for adults.

Made with selected materials, Leewadee's traditional Thai Mat can be used as a floor sofa, folding mattress full, fold out bed, futon bed, or even a gaming chair floor. The mat is an excellent addition to your Japanese furniture collection and can serve as a meditation chair, moon pod chair, queen futon mattress or tatami mattress.

Whether you need a floor couch bed, floor lounge chair, floor lounger pillow, futon mattress twin, or a Japanese couch, Leewadee's Thai Mat is your answer.

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